General Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions for ordering from the CrossMarket e-store

From April 6, 2020.

1. Allocation and Operation of Terms

1.1. These general terms and conditions for ordering and submitting orders from the e-shop of OÜ Crosschem Estonia OÜ (hereinafter also: the seller) (hereinafter: the terms and conditions) apply to all persons (hereinafter: the buyer / customer) who use the e-shop on the website (hereinafter: e -shop), order products and services from there (hereinafter: goods), including enter into a contract for the sale of goods in the e-shop (hereinafter: Sales Agreement).

1.2. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the buyer confirms that he has read the terms and conditions of the Sales Agreement, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

2. Purchase goods and place orders in the e-shop

2.1. It is possible to buy goods in the e-shop, the description of which has a button to add to the shopping cart. The price of a particular item and its availability are subject to change in real time without notice. If the buyer has placed the order before the change in the price of the goods, the goods will be paid for on the basis of the price valid at the time of placing the order.

2.2. The seller has the right to withdraw from the sales contract entered into in the e-shop by refusing to deliver the ordered goods or provide the ordered service in the following cases: the goods are out of stock; the status of the goods in the e-shop is “On order”, i.e. the goods are not in stock; incorrect price or technical characteristics of the goods in the e-shop are related to a computer system failure.

2.3. Shopping cart contents and ordering

The quantity of goods placed in the shopping cart can be increased and decreased. You can also select compatible products and services in the shopping cart by clicking the "Show compatible products" button. When placing an order, select the appropriate delivery method. A description of the delivery method will be displayed on the ordering page. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of making purchases in the e-store and, if necessary, confirm your consent by ticking the line “I agree with the terms and conditions of purchase”.

Confirm the order by clicking the "Submit Order" button. You'll then be taken to the form of payment selection page. Choose the appropriate payment method. The selected payment method can be changed in the last stage of placing an order. Enter the customer / buyer details, if desired, also register as a CrossMarket regular customer. Confirm the delivery method and click "Next".

You will then need to select the appropriate payment method to confirm your order and make your purchase. Confirm your form of payment and pay for your purchase. Make sure you have entered the correct information, otherwise the order may not be delivered on time or may fail.

The sales contract is considered concluded after the payment for the order has been received in the current account of Crosschem Estonia OÜ or from the moment of concluding the installment contract. If the buyer does not pay for the order submitted, the seller will not fulfill the said order.

2.4. Payment for purchases

Payment methods: via Internet bank (via bank link) or by credit card.

To do this, press the appropriate button and follow the instructions on the screen.

After making the payment, the e-shop will send you an order confirmation and an invoice.

All personal data received by CrossMarket during the visit to the buyer's e-store and when making purchases there will be treated as confidential information. The encrypted data transmission channel with each Internet bank ensures the security of the buyer's personal and bank data. Representatives of Crosschem Estonia OÜ do not have access to this encrypted data.

2.5. Delivery and handover of goods

The goods will be delivered to the delivery address indicated in the order. The buyer will be notified of the upcoming delivery using the contact details specified in the order. The ordered goods will be delivered in accordance with the current transport conditions when placing the order.

To avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the ordered goods, make sure that the contact information shown when placing the order is correct. Crosschem Estonia OÜ and the courier company are not responsible for delays or misunderstandings in the delivery of the goods if the delay or misunderstanding is due to the inaccuracy or inaccuracy of the information provided by the buyer when placing the order.

The goods are handed over to the buyer only in person on the basis of the delivery note. Please check the packaging of the goods carefully before signing the delivery note. If the packaging is damaged, a note must be made on the delivery note. If the packaging is broken, you have the right to refuse to accept the goods and / or inform us immediately at

The third party has the right to accept the goods only on the basis of a power of attorney (incl. If the buyer has indicated the third party as the consignee in the order). The seller has the right to authorize third parties to deliver the goods (including the use of courier services).

If the buyer does not accept the goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the agreed delivery date, it shall be deemed a breach of the sales contract and refusal of the goods by the buyer. The seller has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the sales contract and submit a claim for damages to the buyer (eg: in connection with the storage costs of the goods) by deducting the damage caused to the seller from the amount of the advance paid by the buyer. If the goods are special and its further unplanned sale may prove difficult, the seller has the right not to return the amount paid by the buyer before the new sale of the goods and return the amount paid to the buyer after the new sale of the goods, minus any resale costs (including discount), delivery and storage.

2.6 Right of withdrawal

2.6.1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the e-shop without giving a reason within 14 days, but the right of withdrawal does not apply if the buyer is a legal entity or if the goods were purchased for independent economic or professional activity or related activities.

2.6.2. The withdrawal period ends 14 days after the conclusion of the sales contract or the day on which the consumer physically took possession of the thing.

2.6.3. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the seller must be notified of his decision to withdraw from the contract by a written application stating the buyer's details (name, surname or company name, contact telephone and e-mail) submitted to the seller's office or sent by e-mail to

Seller contact information:

Crosschem Estonia OÜ Peterburi tee 90f, Tallinn, Harjumaa 11415

Tel. +372 530 27 267

2.6.4. Lack of right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal shall not apply if:

а. The goods were delivered to the customer in unopened packaging, which is not suitable for return due to health or hygiene, and which was opened after delivery;

b. The goods are software in a sealed package or it is access to the services of third parties (service providers) for a fee.

2.6.5 Withdrawal from the sales contract

а. Upon withdrawal from the contract, Crosschem Estonia OÜ shall immediately return to the consumer all payments received under the sales contract (except for additional costs arising from the consumer's chosen delivery method that differ from the cheapest normal delivery method offered by Crosschem Estonia OÜ), but not later than 14 days after the seller became aware of the consumer's withdrawal decision. .

b. Crosschem Estonia OÜ makes the payment in the same way as the consumer used to make the payment, unless the consumer has expressed a wish to use another type of payment. Refunds of these payments do not involve service fees or other costs for the consumer.

c. The consumer is obliged to return the matter to OÜ Crosschem Estonia immediately, but not later than 14 days after the day on which he or she notified OÜ Crosschem Estonia of the withdrawal from the sales contract. The goods can be returned to the nearest CrossMarket office. The term shall be observed if the consumer returned the object of the contract before the expiry of the 14-day term.

d. The item that is the subject of the contract must be returned to OÜ Crosschem Estonia in the original packaging (it may be with opening marks, but not damaged and unused) and in the original set (includes all gifts included in the product packaging and related to the sales contract).

e. If the buyer wants to avoid compensation for the depreciation of the goods, he must use and test the goods in the same way as in a regular store and return the goods in the original packaging and original set (should include all items originally packaged as well as sales contract gifts). If the Buyer uses the product for longer than is necessary to check the properties and functionality of the product or does not return the product in the original packaging and original set, the Buyer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods.

f. In the event of a deterioration in the quality of the returned goods, the Buyer shall be liable for the resulting decrease in value resulting from the Buyer's use of the goods in other ways than its purpose, properties and functions provide. In order to check the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product, the buyer is obliged to use the product exclusively in the manner normally allowed in the store.

g. If the buyer used or tested the returned goods in a way other than that normally allowed in the store or if he used the product for longer than intended to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product, the buyer is responsible for the impairment and the seller is entitled to deduct this amount. If the buyer does not agree with the reduction of the value offered by the seller, he has the right to turn to an independent expert to obtain a corresponding decision. The costs of the independent expert shall be borne by the party whose position proved to be unfounded. If it is not possible to identify the party, the costs of the examination shall be shared equally between the buyer and the seller.

2.7. Cancellation of the sales contract

After payment, you can request cancellation of your order only if the seller has not yet incurred additional costs. For example, if the order has already been paid for by the manufacturer's factory or its representative, or if the goods have already entered production and the process can no longer be stopped. To cancel the order and the resulting sales contract, send the corresponding application together with the sales contract number to In response, the seller will send a decision to cancel or impossible to cancel the sales contract.

3. Principles of data protection and data processing

3.1. The seller guarantees the protection of the buyer's data, including his personal data, and their use in accordance with the terms of the privacy policy. The Buyer confirms that he has read and agrees to the terms of the privacy policy. Pursuant to the applicable legislation and the terms of the privacy policy, the seller has the right to process the buyer's data (incl. Personal data) without the separate consent of the buyer in order to ensure the operation of the e-store and to comply with the terms of the sales contract by both parties. Based on the above, the seller has the right to perform the following actions (and not only) without the separate consent of the buyer: to send the buyer notices related to the consumption of e-store services, including notices aimed at ensuring safe use of the e-store; in the interests of optimal customer service and as evidence of the performed transactions, to store the data of the orders submitted by the buyer who has entered the e-store system, as well as information on orders that were not confirmed by the buyer before leaving the system.

3.2. If the buyer has given his consent to the marketing of his data at the time of ordering or otherwise (eg through self-service), the seller will use his data in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy, including electronic direct marketing, promotional and promotional offers of goods and services to the buyer. -post, SMS, etc.).

3.3. The buyer has the right to withdraw the consent given for the marketing use of the data. To do this, simply send an e-mail to the seller or go through the rejection procedure described in the e-mail proposal.

4. Liability and Dispute Resolution

4.1. The buyer has the right to submit claims to the seller regarding the (defective) goods that do not comply with the terms of the contract within 2 (two) years from the date of receipt of the goods. The claim must be submitted immediately and not later than within 2 (two) months from the date of discovery of the defect. Once the defect has been discovered, the buyer is obliged to take reasonable measures to preserve and protect the goods, including refraining from further use of the defective goods, if such use may cause deterioration of the goods.

4.2. A buyer who considers that a product does not comply with the terms of the contract may, on the basis of the remedies provided for, demand that the product be repaired or replaced or withdraw from the sales contract and return the defective goods.

4.3. Crosschem Estonia OÜ is not responsible for: deterioration / damage of the buyer's faulty goods; errors due to misuse of the goods; normal physical wear and tear caused by the proper use of the goods.

4.4. If the product was sold with the seller's or manufacturer's warranty, the buyer will receive a printed warranty with the goods and / or will be given the opportunity to read the warranty conditions electronically in the e-shop.

4.5. In order to solve possible future problems, the buyer is obliged to save the documents received during the purchase (invoice, contract, etc.), which prove the fact of purchasing the product from the seller's e-store. In the absence of documents confirming the fact of acquisition of the goods, the seller or other service employee may refuse to solve the problem.

4.6. Addresses for submitting claims for goods purchased from the e-store: The postal address of the OÜ Crosschem Estonia e-store in Tallinn is Suur-Sõjamäe 25A, Tallinn 11415; e-mail address is Applications are also accepted at all CrossMarket offices, whose addresses and opening hours are indicated on the website

4.7. Defects in the goods must be indicated at the same time as the claim. If you need to send the goods for diagnosis / inspection to find out the nature and cause of the defect, the seller and the buyer enter into a contract for the maintenance and repair of the goods.

4.8. Defects in the goods will be eliminated on the basis of the claims of OÜ Crosschem Estonia, which is an integral part of these terms and conditions and the sales contract and which the buyer agrees to before concluding the sales contract.

4.9. The seller guarantees that the products offered in the e-shop comply with the applicable European Union standards. The circumstances listed in the relevant standards are not considered to be defects in the goods.

4.10. Order information can be obtained on all days of the week by phone +372 530 27 567 and e-mail

4.11. The buyer has the right to apply to the competent supervisory authority, namely the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority. In order to resolve disputes, the buyer has the right to turn to the Consumer Disputes Committee. Consumer Disputes Commission

5. Other conditions

5.1. Product images are illustrative.

5.2. Product prices and availability are subject to change without notice. In this case, Crosschem Estonia OÜ reserves the right to refuse the sale and return the money to the buyer's current account within a reasonable time.

5.3. The e-shop CrossMarket reserves the right to refuse the sale if any of the following events occurred with the goods: a human error occurred while entering the price or a technical failure occurred in the system. For example, if a device priced at € 1,500 is sold in an e-shop for € 15 or € 150, this is a manifest error. In such cases, we assume that buyers clearly understand the error and that the product is not sold erroneously at a low price.

5.4. Product information is checked and updated regularly. You should always update your information after your last visit. The CrossMarket e-store may contain inaccurate product information from technical specifications provided by manufacturers. In such cases, the CrossMarket e-shop is not responsible for the accuracy of the product information. Before buying a product, we recommend that you check its technical features by calling our customer service at: +372 530 27 567.

5.5. The Seller is not responsible for the Buyer's activities with the goods purchased from the Seller's e-store, including the Seller is not obliged to further inform the Buyer about the legal aspects of the use of the purchased goods. Before making a purchase, the Buyer is obliged to familiarize himself with all legal norms on the use of goods purchased in Estonia.

6. Validity of the Terms

6.1. These terms and conditions of the seller's e-store are valid from 06.04.2020 until they are changed.