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Diesel Dispenser PIUSI CUBE MC with managing system

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Diesel Dispenser system PIUSI CUBE MC, which allows all refueling processes to be digitally registered.
It is connected to a diesel tank and can be mounted on a wall or other support.
Suitable for companies with a lot of refueling equipment and / or drivers and where it is necessary to check fuel consumption on a local computer.
A good solution for checking and calculating refueling processes.


  • Pump PIUSI
  • Flexible distribution hose 4 m (d 3/4″), 
  • Automatic nozzle PIUSI A60 
  • Digital flowmeter PIUSI


  • Flow rate up to 70 l/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
  • Continuous AC operation.
  • Noise level below 75 dB
  • IP55 protection
  • For 50 or 120 users
  • For diesel fuel only


Cube MC is a diesel dispenser specifically for non-commercial use. The uniqueness of this diesel dispenser is its versatility, which makes it suitable for different applications. In fact, it is possible to apply CUBE MC directly on tanks, on the wall, on cisterns, on drums or apply it on its special pedestal.

Another peculiarity of this diesel dispenser is its versatility in being able to adapt to different sectors: agriculture, automotive, logistics, construction and industrial sectors.


The Cube MC fuel dispenser is equipped with a self-priming vane pump with bypass that ensures high performance. The CUBE MC Diesel dispenser is installed on anti-vibration mounts for better comfort and practicality in use, while the mechanical seal and the thermal protection against overheating of the induction motor make the product reliable and safe. The nozzle supplied is automatic with a swivel connection and the nozzle holder has a pump start/stop lever. The installation of the mesh filter on the suction side ensures a long life of the pump, because no foreign matter ends up in the rotor, causing a blockage and consequent breakage.


The Cube MC Diesel dispenser is equipped with oval gear flow meter and an electronic control unit for the management of multi-user dispensing operations. The local memory collects the last 255 dispensing operations and thanks to the PC interface, it is possible to export and organize the data. For total control over the use of the fuel dispenser, you can enter the vehicle code, mileage, date and time of dispensing. In addition, the magnetic keys (iButton keys) allow the identification of users for a total tracking of consumption.

On request it is possible to ask for the Self Service Management 2018 software in order to be able to make detailed printouts of the dispensing operations summed up by user.

PIUSI-CUBE-MC_EN (PIUSI-CUBE-MC_EN.pdf, 754 Kb) [Download]

PIUSI_Brochure_SSM2018_web_EN (PIUSI_Brochure_SSM2018_web_EN.pdf, 2,112 Kb) [Download]

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