5000L (K4) Double skin diesel tank KINGSPAN FuelMaster (Model K4) with PIUSI CUBE managing system

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Suitable liquidsDiesel Pump speed72L/min FlowmeterDigital Nozzle typeAutomatic Hose length6m

5000L (K4) Double skin diesel tank KINGSPAN FuelMaster (Model K4) with PIUSI CUBE managing system

Double walled diesel fuel storage tank with filling equipment, made of high-quality polyethylene, fully equipped and ready for use. 
Model with improved configuration. This model is equipped with the PIUSI CUBE managing system with magnetic key and allows you to digitally record all refueling processes.
Suitable for enterprises where there is a lot of refueling equipment and / or drivers.
Good solution for control fuel consumption on a local computer.


  • Double skin diesel tank 5000L Kingspan
  • Pump PIUSI up to 72l/min (230V)
  • Digital flowmeter PIUSI K600 (acc. ± 0,5%)
  • Flexible distribution hose 6 m (d 3/4″)
  • Automatic nozzle PIUSI A60
  • + Filter with water separator and transparent housing
  • SpillStop Mechanical overfill protection
  • + Fuel Level Control and Leakage UniWatchmanRX with remote reader (shows in Litres)
  • Lockable distribution equipment compartment
  • Ventilation for internal tank
  • Inner tank inspection hatch 4"
  • Outer tank Inspection hatch 16"
  • Conntection for grounding
  • + 2" quick fill connection
  • + LED Light with motion sensor
  • + PIUSI CUBE managing system (up to 120 users)

NB !! Please note that the Piusi Self Service software, a set of key fobs and a connecting cable for reading data are not included in the complect, and if the client does not have it, then they should be purchased additionally for the administration of a fuel station.

On request:

  + Set: Piusi Self Service computer program, + reading cable for key fobs, + 10pcs. custom key fobs, + Keychain Manager (code: POM / CUBE / MC / USB / Y)+ 460 EUR,
  + additional 10pcs. custom key fobs (yellow), (POM / CUBE / MC / ADDKEY / Y code)+ 140 EUR,
  + Manager Keychain (red), (POM / CUBE / MC / MAN-KEY code) + 50 EUR.

K4 is a model with improved configuration:
A fuel filter with a transparent plastic casing having a drain hole for water or sediment in the fuel is also installed. The plastic filter housing allows you to immediately see the quality of the fuel.

An LED lamp with a circuit breaker is also installed, which provides illumination of the refueling compartment when using refueling. It is very convenient in the cloudy or dark.
The digital fuel level sensor has improved functionality and shows the level of fuel remaining not only in percent, but also in liters. The receiver of the sensor operates on a radio signal and can be installed in a conventional outlet in an office, garage or hangar at a distance of up to 200m from the tank itself.
The GOK leakage sensor is synchronized with the receiver of the fuel level sensor and provides an immediate alarm in the event of fuel leakage in tanks.

This model is equipped with the PIUSI CUBE accounting system with magnetic key and allows you to digitally record all refueling processes. Suitable for enterprises where there is a lot of refueling equipment and / or drivers, and where it is required to control fuel consumption on a local computer.

More info about the PIUSI CUBE accounting system:

The PIUSI CUBE managing system is designed to control and record refueling processes at a fuel station. The standard PIUSI CUBE system is equipped with a PIUSI CUBE refueling module, a set of magnetic keys, and a special computer cable for reading fuel station data from the main key.

The system has a limited number of users (up to 120) and a limited number of operations recorded in the memory (up to 255), after that the data should be downloaded from the control unit and copied to the Piusi Self Service accounting program on a computer.
The Piusi Self Service accounting software is installed only on one computer.
One Piusi Self Service accounting program can administer up to 16 fuel stations with the same PIUSI CUBE module.
The initiation of the fueling process can be programmed both with the application of a magnetic key fob, and with a simple set of user PIN code.
Refueling reports can be generated by dates, by users, by gas stations and can be downloaded in XL format.


Cost reduction - Buying fuel in bulk, you will get a lower price. You always have diesel fuel available.
In winter conditions, no condensation occurs in the tank.
The condition of the fuel does not deteriorate, since no sediment and rust are formed in the tank.
The tanks comply with environmental, fire and fuel requirements.


The robust and durable construction protects against leaks and thus protects against environmental pollution.
Lockable key compartment with equipment protects against unauthorized access to fuel.
High-quality material protects fuel from adverse weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation.
An automatic shut-off valve prevents overfilling of the tank during filling.
Made of high quality polyethylene, does not cause corrosion and is resistant to mechanical damage.

The thought-over design guarantees long-term use at the minimum additional costs. The user identification system, available as an accessory, helps control fuel consumption, its users and much more.

Made in Poland, EU.

Warranty: 10 years for internal capacity, 1 year for equipment

About Kingspan

Kingspan is the European leader in manufacturing the highest quality plastic containers for over 40 years.

All internal containers are made from a single piece of plastic and do not have welds, which ensures the strength and durability of the goods.

Kingspan tanks have the highest number of user awards.

FuelMasters Dimensions:

  Capacity [ L ]      Length  [mm]      Width  [mm]      Height [mm]      Weight  
 1200L Kingspan 115012001430150 kg
 1300L Kingspan192012301785150 kg
 2300L Kingspan 230012001460200 kg
  2500L Kingspan 246014601860200 kg
 3500L Kingspan 285022001960250 kg
 4000L Kingspan390011502340270 kg
 5000L Kingspan285022502350300 kg
 9000L Kingspan328024502950400 kg

Easy installation:
Just place it on a flat surface at the necessary distance from buildings and plug it into an electrical outlet..


Please follow all terms of use.

Photos & Videos

FuelMasters broshüür EE (01-Fuelmasters-EE.pdf, 2,752 Kb) [Download]

FuelMaster_ET-2020-Kasutusjuhend (FuelMaster_ET-2020-wt.pdf, 6,613 Kb) [Download]

X-Track haldussusteem -kasutamisjuhend-EST-CrossChem (X-Track_haldussusteem_-kasutamisjuhend-EST-CrossChem.pdf, 3,208 Kb) [Download]

WiFI Xtrack Kasutusjuhend_ET pdf (WiFI_Xtrack_Kasutusjuhend_ET_pdf.pdf, 938 Kb) [Download]

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