​200L DESO Portable Diesel Storage & Dispensing Tank (12V)

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Suitable liquidsDiesel Pump speed35L/min Nozzle typeAutomatic Hose length4m

200L DESO Portable Diesel Storage & Dispensing Tank (12V)

DESO Portable Diesel Storage tank is the good solution for delivering and refueling diesel fuel for working equipment, such as tractors, trucks, combines, loaders, forestry equipment, diesel generators, etc.
Suitable for construction companies, farms, logging companies, etc.


  •   Portable diesel capacity of 200L DESO
  •   PIUSI pump with a productivity up to 35l / min (12 V),
  •   Flexible delivery hose 3.7 m (d 3/4″),
  •   Automatic nozzle PIUSI A60,
  •   Suction line with mesh filter
  •   6 m power cable with battery clamps
  •   Vacuum and pressure relief valve (VENT)

Features & benefits

The new DESO 200 & DESO 300 tanks are a market novelty among mobile solutions for diesel storage and distribution. Refueling vehicles anywhere you need has never been so easy! 

* TruckMaster 200 and 300 litres do not require ADR approval due to their smaller capacity.
** With 1 year on equipment.

The Traсkmaster is specifically designed to transport diesel fuel in conventional vehicles such as a minibus, pickup or small trailer without the need for additional permissions.

Just put it in your vehicle, fasten and go.

TruckMasters Dimensions:

  Model [ L ]      Capacity [ L ]      Length [mm]      Width [mm]      Height [mm]      Weigth (kg)    
 TM 200L200L
60080062032 kg
TM 300L300L
60080089040 kg
TM 430L430L118086091055 kg
TM 900L900L
14101050121095 kg

Photos & Videos

Deso TrcukMasters (ENG) (Truckmasters_DESO_diesel_200-300l-2020_eng.pdf, 582 Kb) [Download]

TruckMasters Broshüür Eesti keeles (03-Truckmasters_EE.pdf, 1,262 Kb) [Download]

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