300L Kingspan® BlueTruckMaster® Portable AdBlue® Tank

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Suitable liquidsAdBlue FlowmeterPulser Nozzle typeAutomatic Hose length4m

300L AdBlue® transport tank BlueTruckMaster®

  • PIUSI pump 35L / min. 12 V DC;
  • Dimensions: Length 800 x width 600 x height 890 mm;
  • Weight: 50 kg;
  • 4m. bottling hose;
  • automatic pistol.

5-year warranty on tank density, 1-year warranty on equipment.

Kingspan tanks BlueTruckMaster are specially designed for safe transport of AdBlue. These portable AdBlue tanks are made of high quality polyethylene, which means that they are resistant to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Our mobile AdBlue tanks are available in 200 to 900 liters with a variety of specifications and dispensing options. This option is suitable for many applications, including agriculture, construction and forestry. Supported by excellent customer service and a 5-year tank warranty. *

Go anywhere, efficiently and safely to target your AdBlue destination
Easy-to-lift portable tanks can be easily lifted with specially designed lifting eyes or a forklift
A secure transport inner bulkhead reduces fluid movement during transport

The lockable lid prevents unauthorized access to the tank and equipment
The fully integrated pump allows immediate use
Automatic filling nozzle to protect against leakage during refueling
The cost-effective compact 200- and 300-liter models take up only half of the euro area for more economical distribution and lower shipping costs.

Made of high-quality polyethylene, which ensures resistance to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation
5-year tank guarantee * for complete peace of mind
Excellent customer service and after sales support

Standard equipment

  • Transparent PE tank with integrated partition
  • Lockable cover
  • Suction hose with mains filter, which ensures the purity of the pumped liquid (900 l tank only)
  • Gas springs
  • Self-priming 12 V DC pump
  • 4m flexible distribution hose with automatic nozzle
  • Automatic pressure and vacuum valve
  • Offset threaded filling point


  • Self-priming 24 V DC pump
  • Self-priming 230 V AC pump
  • Digital flow meter to monitor the amount of liquid being pumped
  • Battery-powered LED lamp
  • Shekel lifting
  • Hand nozzle

* 1 year with equipment.

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